• 3D Printing And Solidworks Design


    Project Description

    Assembled Prusa i3 Clone
    Improved structure and rigidity to reduce vibrations (dampening, re-enforced supports)
    Modified ATX Power supply with higher current rating to replace the original under powered component
    Added raspberry Pi with Octoprint add improved functionality (web GUI, timelapse, wireless)
    Designed custom parts and assembly with SolidWorks (car hatchback handle, webcam enclosures, Desktop holders for various doorbell/camera products)
    Designed parts and assemblies for work related projects

  • CarPC

    Jun 2013 – Present

    Project description

    GPS, audio, video, black box recording, networking, file synchronization. Hand made LCD bezel, OBD II
    Car PC running on Intel G530.
    Handmade LCD bezel with integrated input buttons to create a clean, stock look with tactile feedback. Bezel houses touchscreen LCD.
    Wireless networking allows media to automatically synchronize with personal server upon parking near home residence.
    Front dashboard camera utilizes rolling buffer, capturing most recent 2 hours of video in 5 minute segments.
    GPS allows guided navigation. Provides input for speed based volume control. Volume is automatically increased/decreased to overcome road noise at different speeds. Combined with Wifi, vehicle is capable of mapping signal strength along routes which can be exported to google earth
    Bluetooth OBD communicates with PC to log vehicle performance

  • Linux Home Server

    Jan 2013 – Present

    Project description

    Acts as a base station for synchronizing media to Car Computer via Wifi
    Virtual private network via OpenVPN. Useful for securely tunneling traffic or remotely joining home network.
    Apache, PHP, MySQL hosts several web services including website, cloud storage/transmission/downloader web UI’s
    RAID-5 with 4 2TB WD Green drives provides 6TB storage and 1 disk redundancy.
    ownCloud web service used as a file synchronization backend for laptop, desktop, and Car PC
    Attached to 47inch TV to also act as a home theater PC running XBMC for local content and plex for remote streaming.
    Surveillance with motion detection only captures relevant video and email notifications for real time updates of events

  • Remote Appliance Control System

    Jan 2011 – Jan 2011

    Project description

    • Low powered networking router as backbone for efficiency
    • Router allows system to be internet accessible
    • Remotely control devices within a household, i.e. lights, sprinklers, air conditioning, etc.

  • Shift Register Activity Indicator

    Jun 2010 – Jun 2010

    Project description

    • Hardware simulated with VHDL
    • Applied circuit to home network router to indicate RX/TX activity
    • used to represent bit streams flowing through the network

  • Mini Projects

    Project description

    Interfaced 16×2 character LCD with Atmel AVR2313, Atmel AVR2560, TI MSP430
    Persistence of vision LED display with AVR2313
    Pneumatic Water Canon
    FM transmitter kit design for RMAP club